Dr N.Lakshmipathy Ramesh

Dr N.Lakshmipathy Ramesh, M.D (Geriatrics)

Founder & Director

Sky is the Limit to achieve anything...
"My passion is Geriatrics, and I see to it that, every elderly Patient can get a better living and best health care"...

Dr Lakshmipathy Ramesh Nagarajan, a leading Geriatrician in Chennai and one among the few practicing this specialization in India. He has over 15 years of experience exclusively in Geriatric care. Preventive Geriatrics, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and rehabilitation based Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is his primary focus.

His Discipline

  • 1997 Undergraduate degree, Coimbatore Medical College, Tamil Nadu
  • 2002Postgraduate degree in Geriatric Medicine from Madras Medical College Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR University, Chennai. His

His Career

  • 2005Began his career at Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin and established the Geriatrics Department. He was also in-charge of the community outreach programme.
  • 2008He was heading the Geriatric Department of a multi-specialty hospital in Chennai for a decade.
  • 2018Founder & Director from 2018

Dr Ramesh is also a member of the Indian Geriatrics Society and the American Geriatrics Society. He believes in always educating both patient and caregiver, on the management of Geriatric Patients at home and in the Community.

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