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Geri Care Hospital

Transforming Lives through
Personalized Care

Geri Care, a name that resonates with extensive medical, nursing and physiotherapy treatments has been operating in the realm of specialized geriatric care services for more than three decades.

From personalised home care to clinical interventions, and hospital services to assisted living during and after recovery, Geri Care is a continuum of 360 care that reflects utmost respect for the trade and compassion for human beings.

Geri Care Hospital

Our Vision

To make Geriatric Care accessible to larger masses of senior citizens
and their families, and to enhance the quality of their life,
promote independence, well being and dignity.

Geri Care Hospital

Our Mission

To improve the health status of older persons at every stage of their
lives, and to raise their standards of health and recovery so that they
can enjoy healthy living in their homes and in their communities.

The Continuum of 360° Care for the Grown up Community

Senior Citizen Hospital in Chennai
Geri Care Hospital

Expert Geriatricians

Our Geriatric professionals have undergone exemplary training at renowned institutions including Madras Medical College (MMC) in Chennai and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. Additionally, they have gained valuable experience as consultants in esteemed hospitals overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK).

Geri Care Hospital

Multi-disciplinary Approach

We bring cutting-edge research and innovative approaches that reflect geriatric excellence and help transform the lives of the elderly, their loved ones and family members.

Geri Care Hospital

Unique Health Culture

We pride over a culture that prioritizes tailored treatment plans & comprehensive care to ensure remarkable treatments along with a positive healthcare experience that helps the elderly recover and heal at ease.

Geri Care Hospital

Continuity of Care

From clinical interventions to comprehensive hospital treatments, and post hospitalization home care services along with assisted living options, we ensure continuous medical support and comfort 24/7.

To experience a degree of care
that lasts a lifetime...
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